Corporate Events


“3 Cottage Lane has been designing gift bags for our companion brunch for the past three years.  Lucy is extremely creative and knows our audiences’ tastes.  She includes many fun gift items some indigenous to the city we hold our conference, while staying within our budget. 3 Cottage Lane is a great partner for us!”

Carol C., Meeting Manager, SME

Every company has its own culture and 3 cottage lane will work with you to honor that culture. Whether you are planning a large corporate event or a small intimate gathering, we will put together a gift bag that is tailored to the occasion, a fun favor, a unique single item related to the theme, or  an over the top gift basket for a silent auction. From chic to formal, extravagant or just plain FUN,  3 cottage lane prides ourselves in creating a unique gift that will have them talking long after the lights have gone out and everyone’s gone home.

We are the best at taking the labor intense job of finding the WOW gift off your “to do list” and making your guests feel incredibly special. 3 cottage lane has a discerning eye for detail and the professionalism to understand what their clients’ needs and wants are and to execute that vision.

It’s your vision and we will do our part in making that become a reality. We will work with your ideas and provide you with the best of our creativity and professional expertise.

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